Murales artísticos

Artistic murals and decorative painting

fachada del instituto Ortega y Gasset

Interior and exterior

hacer murales

Any and all spaces


We can give a unique, original  touch to your home, your terrace, porch or your business. 
We work all kinds of space, indoors and outdoors, and can bring your project to life, whether large scale or small.
murales pintados a mano

In your business

Transform your business into a unique and exclusive establishment. We can adapt to any style you require and create new trends to fit your personal needs. Ideal for façades, stores, offices, buildings, hotels, schools, etc.

mural con texturas

In your household

Surprise all your guests with a grand mural in your living room, kitchen, terrace, porch, pool,… We can transform any space within your house, whether it´s interior or exterior, with a great variety of materials you can choose from.

How do we work?

The first step is to hear your idea

Nevertheless, if you prefer, we can assess you and help you create the project from scratch.

Then we take a look at the space and record its measurements

You´ll be able to see the result of your project in various different sketch proposals we will produce for you.

You choose the proposal you like most

We´ll show you various proposals we have created to fit your style and budget.

And we get to work immediately!

Once you have accepted a proposal, we can start doing what we love most: painting!

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